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Exterior Painting in Oro Valley, AZ

An excellent paint job on the exterior of your home not only means elegance and beauty, but it also does much more.  Paint is a barrier against the elements that attack the integrity of your house. Stetson Painting is highly experienced and thoroughly knowledgeable, and our satisfied customers include some of the finest homes in Central and Southern Arizona.

The professional painters at Stetson Painting uses only the best paints, painting techniques, and careful attention to every detail. We fully prepare and repair each surface to ensure a uniform finish and proper paint adhesion, and we are painstaking in our protection of your non-painted surfaces.

Stetson Painting properly prepares all surfaces prior to painting.  Stetson Painting employs a seven (7)-step process to prepare your home or business for painting, which are:
1. power washing to create a clean substrate and remove loose paint;
2. all repair work cracks and holes on stucco and wood will be patched and non-painted surfaces will be masked before receiving any finishes and will be completed according to industry standards;
3. all windows will be checked and clear-caulked; parapet caps will be checked and sealed;
4. worn wood will be floated and fixed prior to painting;
5. all weathered areas will be checked and caulked where needed.
6. landscaping will be pulled back from house to reach painted surfaces;
7. all non-painted surfaces will be covered or masked.

Stetson Painting employs a fourteen (14)-step process in painting the exterior of your home or business.

  1. Notify homeowner of any tree or plant trimming necessary for paint completion.
  2. Trench and remove landscaping material away from base of house to prevent any paint getting on your landscaping, and return after painting is complete.
  3. Pressure wash all surfaces on the exterior of the house including patios to remove any chalk, loose paint, mold and contaminants. We are very careful around delicate areas like door thresholds, window screens and plants.
  4. Sand any glossy areas. Counter sink any nail heads. Scrape any reemerging loose paint after pressure washing has been completed and dried.
  5. Stucco patch any cracks, holes, voids and missing texture areas on house to blend in with the existing stucco finish. We also check the stucco on the roof parapets for cracks and holes and patch where necessary. Parapet caps, tops of painted walls and horizontal surfaces get sealed with an elastomeric coating prior to painting.
  6. Wood patching and prime/floating will be done on exposed wood areas and weather exposed areas like fascia boards, vegas, posts, beams, siding and door frames where necessary.
  7. Caulking will be applied to all windows, fascia corners and gaps, siding seams, door frames, scuppers, wood headers, weather exposed areas where voids occur. This prevents water from entering and warping the wood.
  8. At this stage an inspection will be done to determine whether you need any wood replacement done. We will asses any damage and inform homeowner of any issues.
  9. All windows, walkways, patios, furniture, driveways, plants and all non painted surfaces will be masked or covered.
  10. Two coats of premium exterior paint is applied to all paintable surfaces. First coat will be back-rolled vertically on stucco and the second coat will be sprayed horizontally to cross final pattern for a smooth finish. Back rolling is a process that fills any hairline cracks and builds a thick paint film for proper coverage and a long lasting paint job. Fascia boards are hand brushed to work paint into cracks and build a better paint film.
  11. Final inspection will be performed and any issues will be addressed.
  12. clean up: all masking, drops, tools, ladders, and all trash will be removed daily and at the completion of project. A labeled touch up kit will be left with home owner.
  13. Homeowner sign off sheet and satisfaction survey will be provided at this time.
  14. A written warranty will be mailed to homeowner with the guarantee that Stetson Painting stands behind everything we do.

Stetson Painting provides quality painting services for the exterior of your home or business.  We provide the following exterior painting services:

• Stucco & Concrete
• Complete rebuilding of stucco parapets
• Brick & Stone
• Wood, Composite & Vinyl Siding
• Doors & Windows
• Fascia & Eaves
• Rain Gutters & Metal Flashing
• Garage Doors & Entry Doors
• Wood & Vinyl Shutters
• Architectural Woodwork
• Decks, Railings and Patio Covers
• Wrought Iron Fences, Railings
• Perimeter Walls
• Maintenance painting


• Siding
• Thresholds
• Decks & Rails
• Doors & Windows
• Complete Stripping
• Staining & Refinishing
• Solid Body & Semi-Transparent Stains
• Custom Stains & Antique Finishes
• Hardwood & Softwoods


• Rust Control
• Patina & Faux Rust Finishes
• Epoxy & Urethane
• Industrial Enamels
• Wrought Iron Fences
• Security Doors/Bars
• Metal Windows/Doors
• Metal Gates


• Dirt & Pollution Cleaning
• Stain & Paint Removal
• Graffiti Removal
• On-going Cleaning Maintenance


• Wood Repairs
• Light Carpentry
• Molding Installation
• Stucco Repairs
• Wood Replacement
• Wood Rot Replacement

Stetson Painting provides assistance in selecting an Exterior Paint Color for your project.

Choosing an exterior paint color is a decision that adds beauty and curb appeal to your home. It’s also one you’ll live with for 7-10 years, so you’ll want to make sure you are comfortable with your pick before and after the paint dries.

What You Can Expect from Stetson Painting
Stetson Painting exterior painting contractors are prepared to help you select your exterior paint color or solid stain. At your request, they will provide you with popular and architectural-based color palette materials from top paint manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams, Dunn Edwards, Val Spar, and Behr.

Your representative can also accompany you to your local paint store to help select samples and test them. Since paint chips are manufactured with ink, not paint, the true color may look significantly different on large outdoor surfaces. We recommend painting at least a 1 ft2 test spot of paint on the exterior of your home for an accurate analysis.

Consider the Light

The appearance of a color’s hue or vibrancy may alter at higher and lower light levels. Be sure to view your test spot both day and night, and in different types of daylight (sunny, cloudy).

To help you narrow your selection at the paint store, consider the direction your house faces. If your house faces north, the color will look cooler, while a Southern exposure warms the color because of the higher amount of UV light.

Another consideration is how quickly the paint may fade due to your home’s sun exposure. While our painting techniques are designed to give you the longest-lasting color possible, some colors simply fade more quickly than others. Those include the following:
• Reds
• Blues
• Greens
• Yellows
• Orange

To lessen the effects of fading too quickly, choose earth-tone colors like browns or tans.

Initial Steps to Exterior Paint Selection

It’s important to first evaluate the things you can’t change, so you can pick a paint color that work harmoniously with them:

• Regulations of your homeowner’s association, such as a requirement for prior approval, or predetermined color palette options
• The unpainted material of your home’s exterior, such as brick and stone
• How your landscaping complements the exterior surfaces of your home