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Residential Interior

Residential Interior PaintingWhen Stetson Painting pros are painting your home, we take extra special care of your home and property. We use Sherwin Williams or Dunn Edwards paint products, we do not mark up the price of our paint, we pass our paint discount on to you. We are open to the homeowner buying, supplying or suggesting their own paint as well. We offer a low down or no down payment upon written signed contract.

The paint is only applied to the proper surfaces and not to the countertops, windows, floors, your valued furnishings, etc. You will not be bothered by loud music, lots of talking, or a messy jobsite. Instead, you will witness a professional staff of painters who will properly prepare the surfaces first, cover the areas they are not painting, thoroughly clean up each day, and paint according to industry standards.

 Stetson Painting employs a six(6)-step process when painting the interior of your home or business.

  1. We move major furniture and cover them. Remove window coverings. Mask or cover floors and any non painted items.
  2. Sheetrock cracks and holes are repaired by our professional full time drywall repairman. Re-caulking will be done where necessary on baseboards, window frames, door jambs and shelving. Electrical plates, hardware and fixtures will be removed. Prime water damaged areas and dark walls where needed. De-gloss and sand enamel areas on doors, jambs and woodwork.
  3. Project will be walked with homeowner and painting foreman to correct any imperfections prior to proceeding with painting.
  4. Designated paint areas are painted with customer’s choice of paint and agreed upon number of coats.
  5. Clean up will be completed at the end of each day. Masking will be removed and rooms will be reassembled.
  6. The finished project will be walked and inspected with homeowner and foreman and any concerns will be addressed. You will be asked to fill out our sign off sheet and there you can leave any feedback you wish.

Stetson Painting provides the following interior painting services for your home or business.

• Complete interior painting
Wood repairs and replacement
Light carpentry
Wallpaper removal
Baseboard and other molding installation
Acoustic ceiling removal, repair, and new texturing
All forms of drywall repair, plaster repair, and replacement
Many types of faux work
Accent wall painting
Wood staining and wood clear sealing
Garage floor coatings
Stair rails
Wrought iron