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Quality Assurance


The primary goal at Stetson Painting is to build and maintain a customer client base, built on mutual trust and co-operation. To achieve this, our company actively encourages a caring environment, listening and understanding a client’s need in order to establish a positive business relationship. Our objective is to retain you, our client for the long-term.

Stetson Painting has incorporated a quality assurance system in order to achieve the following objectives:

Quality AssuranceSafe Methods of Working

All employees have been trained and made aware of their responsibilities both to themselves, their colleagues and members of the public. Employees are made aware of method statements, which out-line any specific hazards related to a contract. Employees are encouraged to be pro-active relating to site safety.

Our management team has undertaken OSHA safety training and has become certified so we can paint your project with a knowledgeable of job-site hazards and restrictions to minimize risk.

High Standards of Workmanship

Employees are trained in their specific field and are encouraged to take responsibility for their work, completing it efficiently, and in line with company standards. The required standards and systems of work are explained to all employees by management with site visits undertaken daily to ensure compliance.

Stetson Painting strives to build and foster long-lasting relationships with its employees through encouraging a culture built on teamwork. We have created a work environment that is enjoyable for everyone. Rewards and recognition are given for the quality of workmanship, but especially for demonstrating goodwill. Stetson Painting employees are among the finest craftsman and professionals in the industry, and we are people with high personal standards; people of good character. When you invite Stetson Painting into your home to paint, you will be happy with the employees we send and the result of their work.

Should you ever believe there is cause for complaint, it is company policy to investigate the matter immediately. If justified, action is taken as quickly as possible to rectify the situation with minimal inconvenience to the client. Procedures and systems are in place to facilitate compliance of the policy.